A note for Black Forest Voices

Please buy! a note for Black Forest Voices!

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With one or more 5, 10 or 20 notes, you symbolically buy eighth, quarter, half or whole notes and thus support the Black Forest Voices Festival. We hang your purchased notes in our Black Forest Voices heaven every evening! The festival also thanks the musicians with a Kirchzarten song:

The local musicians Uli Führe and Thomas Fuss will together write the text of the piece together. Then the Swede Peder Karlsson - former singer of the Real Group - will compose the music for this text. A real Black Forest Voices production according to the motto of local connection and global networking!

The song will be presented for the first time at Black Forest Voices 2021 - and then sound through the valley on many other occasions! We look forward to your support!

P.S. When purchasing, you can decide for yourself whether you would like to be named as a note buyer on our website and a poster later.


Proud owners of the respective notes are so far:


Eighth note, each 5 €

Chiara Platten (2x)
Johannes Pfeffer
Ina und Stefan Saumer
Christian Fischer (12x)
Moritz Metzner (3x)
Barbara F.
Anke Zillessen (2x)
Susanne Gärtner (2x)
Angelika K.
Re Heller (4x)
Nina Ruckhaber

Quarter note, each 10 €

Ina und Stefan Saumer
Mechtilde Roser
Geli (2x)
Christian Fischer (6x)
Moritz Metzner
Barbara F.
Susanne Gärtner
Georg Ludwig Verhoeven (3x)
Stefanie Lubrich
Christel Bieger
Re Heller (3 Stück!!)
Carolin Hajduk
Martin Kaistra
Richard Leisegang

Half note, each 20 €

Andrea Krebs
Christof H.
Ulla & Peter Meybrunn (2x)
Ina und Stefan Saumer
Christian Fischer (2x)
Barbara F.
Kristina Stary
Fritz Fischer
Wolfgang & Adelheid Riesterer
Ingrid Hoch
Ursula Färber
Bettina Greeff
Julian Knörzer

Whole note, each 40 €

Veronika Läser
Simone Rudloff
Heike & Florian Städtler (2x)
die Riedelfelder
Ina und Stefan Saumer
Constanze Ott
Helge Thomas
Christian Fischer
Annette Wolff
Hellmuth Wolff
Barbara F.
Matthias Kiemle
Stefanie Lubrich
Karla Meyer (3 pieces!!)
Dörte Zillessen

Would you also like to buy a note and support Black Forest Voices? We are very happy!
The notes are available online at Reservix.de, local at all BZ advance sales points as well as the Kirchzarten bookshop and mobile radio Kürner Kirchzarten.

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