Thursday, 27.06.2019

Local Night - Voices of the Valley
Voice Event
Die Ohrwürmer
Uli Führe
Theresa Dold

7.30 pm, Talvogtei Kirchzarten
Tickets 23,20 €


Well-known faces of the vocal world of the Black Forest gather Thursday night under the theme ‘Voices of the Valley’ to launch the Local Night and the very first Black Forest Voices Festival.
Songwriter and composer Uli Führe (famous for writing beautifully in the local dialect of ‘alemannisch’), local heroes Die Ohrwürmer, singer/songwriter and poet Theresa Dold as well as the regional Youth Choir Voice Event (conducted by Christian Geugelin) will join forces to present an evening of gorgeous music and unexpected encounters.. there shall be songs in ‘Alemannisch’ , sing- alongs … and some humorous surprises !

Friday, 28.06.2019

Elephant Claps
Students of Marie Curie secondary school Kirchzarten

8 pm, Talvogtei Kirchzarten
Tickets 23,20 €


Friday Night, Vocal Band Unduzo is celebrating it’s big 10-year Anniversary ! It all started as a project at the Freiburg Music Conservatory but by now the group has recorded three studio albums and won countless national and international awards. Different styles intertwine with with beatbox and live looping. Unduzo feels at home in the different shades and styles of pop music where they have a knack for finding the right expressions for our common human experiences and relationships. Sometimes lyrical, sometimes comical but always with a spark and twinkle in their eyes. The audience is never a passive consumer, but becomes an interactive part of the show with their sounds, voices - and opinions.

Another highlight of the evening is the premiere of a piece written by more than 40 students of Kircharten’s high school, the Marie-Curie-Gymnasium. Tied into the festival is the 1. StimmkulTour, a cooperation of the Schwäbischen Chorverbandes and the Badischen Chorverbandes (Swabian and Badische Choir Association) with Unduzo. The group is facilitating a 3 day workshop as part of which the students will compose, arrange rehearse and record a song with the group - and present the result on stage!

Don’t think of Elephant Claps as your elephant in a china shop - yes, they might stomp sometimes but they definitely groove, “percuss" und and energise with hands, feet .. and their voices.
With both power and nuance - Elephant Claps create harmonies in their unique universe of Afro, Funk and Jazz. Groove, Improvisation and energy are key to a joyful and totally infectious performance of this vocal sextet from Italy.


Saturday, 29.06.2019

Big Vocal Night
Acoustic Instinct
The Swingles

7.30 pm, Talvogtei Kirchzarten
Tickets 34,20 €


We are changing venue for the Big Vocal Night : VOLANTE is one of the regions prime - and most glamorous - event locations, perfect for our occasion. This is going to be a breathtaking celebration of vocal music in all its variety with a unique line-up, sparkling with joy and humour and featuring the most celebrated group of the a cappella world.

Kicking off the evening are some of the groups that have been part of the festival’s coaching camp.

Next, Twäng! takes to the stage. This contemporary pop choir is just 5 years old, but is already a strong voice in the german a cappella scene. At the final of the German Choir Competition 2018, Twäng! won over the hearts of audience and jury not just with their voices and their varied programme but with their tasteful choreography, thrilling energy and vibrant stage presence - landing them the 2nd prize !

Headliner of the night are London-based a cappella sensation The Swingles. For more than half a century this supergroup has been pushing the boundaries of vocal music. The seven singers are driven by the same innovative spirit that put them on the scene in the 1960s: Their founder, american Ward Swingle, gathered a group of Paris session singers in 1963 to adapt the piano music of Bach to voices. The following record Jazz Sebastian Bach made the Swingles over night into a sensation. Since then, the group has won 5 Grammy Awards and recorded more than 50 albums. Many TV and movie soundtracks feature the music of The Swingles - Sex and the City, Milk, Grey’s Anatomy and Glee to name but a few. Their broad stylistic spectrum lead to collaborations with artists like the Modern Jazz Quartett, Jamie Cullum and Zubin Mehta. Luciano Berio was one of the first composers who was inspired by the Swingles unique amplified sound, integrating it into a symphonic work. Besides their busy touring schedule, the Swingles are presenting their very own festival: the London A Cappella Festival.

Beatbox Duo Acoustic Instinct (Freiburg/Germany) will lead through the evening with their incredible sounds, spontaneous interactions, their well-timed comedy and infectious joy!


Sunday, 30.06.2019

Welteinklang - Classical matinee
Anna-Maria Hefele

11.30 am, Church St. Gallus Kirchzarten
Tickets 17,70 €


Sunday morning’s matinee concert celebrates female voices - the award-winning classical ensemble Sjaella (Leipzig) and overtone singer Anna-Maria Hefele (Austria) are presenting their respective programmes, but also premiere some collaborations in this exciting concert and encounter.
The six voices of Sjaella come together in their new programme - revealing the secrets of nature, love and peace. Sjaella combine contemporary settings of clerical material with baroque songs and the folk music of Northern Europe.
Overtone singer and multi-instrumentalist Anna-Maria Hefele has been working intensively with overtone singing since 2005. In 2014, she presented an instructional video that went viral receiving more than 13 million hits on YouTube and subsequently leading to many TV and radio appearances.
With complete ease and mastery, she is moving through different vocal techniques - from classical to polyphonic overtone singing. She accompanies herself virtuously on unusual instruments like the harp and the swedish Nyckelharpa.

Closing Night
Junior Jazzchor
Muttis Kinder

7 pm, Talvogtei Kirchzarten
Tickets 23,20 €


For the closing night - 3 virtuosic, charming and endearing groups are gracing our festival stage:

Using only their voices and innovative live looping techniques, international vocal sensation FreePlay sings you around the world without leaving your seat. New York jazz, European classical, Indian ragas and Brazilian samba... FreePlay does it all... a cappella. Partners in music and in life, Canadians Dylan Bell and Suba Sankaran delight in sharing their unique and virtuosic a cappella style around the world, with performances in over 20 countries across 6 continents

Freiburg’s Junior Jazzchor follows - the 25 young singers (aged between 13 and 20) conducted by Tamino Franz was founded only in 2012 and has since since been an audience favourite. The choir has initiated some extraordinary collaborations with famous german artist such as soul singer Max Mutzke and the hip hop group Otto Normal.

Muttis Kinder are finishing the evening with a show full of acoustic surprises and a lot of humour. Rock & Pop encounter classical music and jazz, perfection meets improvisation. The trio has gathered numerous awards: a special jury prize and audience award in the comedy category at the Graz A Cappella Competition 2010 as well as the prestigious “Freiburger Leiter” for best musical performance. Muttis Kinder tour extensively in Europe but recently expanded their tours to Asia where they have been invited to perform at A Cappella Festivals in Taipeh and Singapore.